I pride myself on what I describe as ‘infinite patience’.  Well, I used to.  A while back, while I was in college, I had a couple of simultaneous jobs that required that infinite patience. First, I was a TA teaching Freshman Chemistry Lab.  (and I was the only undergrad teaching the lab too, so I […]

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The Echo Chamber

You’ve all seen it.  Or at least you’ve heard about it.  Maybe you’re one of the folks who contribute to it.  It’s the Echo Chamber.  These days it’s mainly on television and the internet.  If it’s happening on TV, it’s usually when the talking heads are screaming at each other or at imaginary opponents or ideas.  […]

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Some moments from yesterday

Moment 1 I was at work yesterday (yes another work story), and Boris the Soviet Love Hammer was there again, buying his 40s of Bud Light and a handful of scratch-off tickets and lotto tickets.  It’s difficult to communicate with a person with a thick accent.  It’s doubly difficult to do it when he’s drunk […]

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My wife, Dr. TFred, works at a hospital as a surgery resident.  In this hospital, there is a surgery resident lounge where the residents can do their paperwork, watch TV, relax on a couch, and have pretty much all their needs taken care of. This is all because of Jimmy. Jimmy is the caretaker of […]

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The Wrong Trousers!

In most jobs, there is some kind of dress code or even a strict uniform.  Mine is no exception.  The uniform is: white button-up shirt, tie, khaki pants, name tag, shoes of some kind. Last night, I was expecting to be working alongside a particular coworker.  This coworker was the same one I described in […]

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What makes us civilized?

One of the alleged perpetrators of the Boston bombings and shootings has been caught, and the other killed.  This is old news to anyone by now.  The question posed to the people in charge is, “what do we do with him now?” String him up I hope the doctor taking care of him just kills […]

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A little levity

Yesterday’s post was a bit heavy, and I don’t want to overly weigh people down. So let’s talk about silly things. First, I want to direct you to Episode 18 of Talking Shit with Dave and Earl.  I was on this episode, and I had a blast.  It’s titled “It’s Raining Men.”  It will make sense […]

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