My wife, Dr. TFred, works at a hospital as a surgery resident.  In this hospital, there is a surgery resident lounge where the residents can do their paperwork, watch TV, relax on a couch, and have pretty much all their needs taken care of.

This is all because of Jimmy.

Jimmy is the caretaker of the residents.  I think he’s a janitor, but he does so much more.  He provides food and drink unceasingly.  Dr. TFred is currently dependent on caffeine (as are most other residents).  Her caffeine vector of choice is Diet Mt. Dew.  She’d mainline it if it wouldn’t give her the bends.  Jimmy will occasionally walk by, pick up her can, and shake it.  If it’s empty, he’ll go to the fridge, grab another one, open it, and set it down next to her.  “Here’s-a another Dew-a Dock-a-tor,” he’ll say.

Yes he talks like that.  He’s a short, stocky old man.  He has a thick Italian accent, wears v-neck scrubs with no undershirt so you can see his manly carpet of a chest, wears a gold chain with a crucifix on it.  He’s a walking Italian stereotype, but he’s awesome.

Once, somebody mentioned that there wasn’t enough room in the fridge for anything else since Jimmy was so good at keeping it full of all the pop Dr. TFred and the other residents needed.  He must have gotten wind of that, because within the hour, another beaten up old fridge showed up in the lounge, ready to hold anything the residents wanted to put in it.

They’re pretty sure Jimmy’s in the mob, too.  How else could he just get a fridge?

He also supplies people with homemade food, fresh free-range chicken eggs, jerky, snacks, cans of soup, etc.  He has connections.

I had to go to the residents lounge today for errand reasons, and Jimmy made sure I went home with at least half a dozen Diet Mt. Dew cans for my wife and a few bags of jerky for myself.  “You need-a da jerky, and you lovely wife-a need-a da cans for when she come-a home tonight.”

They might think he’s in the mob.  I’m beginning to think he’s Fae, and he’s collecting all of these favors from all the residents, and over time, every doctor in the nation will owe Jimmy a favor and he’ll call them in.  You never want to owe a favor to a Fae.

Or he could just be a reverse mugger.  He wouldn’t let me leave the hospital until I took some of his stuff.

Either way, Jimmy is awesome.  The residents are treated like royalty, and Jimmy is the reason.  All the residents know this, and they love him.  They all wish he would live forever.

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