Oh Crap This Is Still Here

That’s right, I still have a blog. No, no, I didn’t just forget that I had a blog.  I’m just really really bad at keeping some kind of writing schedule for it.  No excuse, just an explanation. Do I have any thoughts of a political nature?  Not recently.  It’s the same old shit, isn’t it? […]

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Do you work for the Red Queen?

I made it to a coffee shop, so here’s what I would have posted yesterday! I had an especially frustrating day at work.  It’s nothing new.  Everyone has frustrating days at work.  I felt like I was spinning my wheels, getting nowhere, feeling particularly useless.  It’s not through lack of hard work.  I ran my […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey guys, just thought I’d dedicate this day to Mother’s Day.  I know how it sometimes sneaks up on us all, but I made sure to be ready this time.  What are you doing for Mother’s Day this year? I think something more than just chocolates or flowers or cards should cut it.  I’ve got […]

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The Mistake Store

I work at the Mistake Store. Want to buy candy?  Want to buy sugary sodas?  How about chips or pizza or hot dogs?  We’ve got that.  Cheeseburgers fresh out of the microwave!  It doesn’t even cross your mind, but you’re now one step closer to heart disease and / or diabeetus. Do you want to […]

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