I have too much tea

No, that’s a lie.  I have enough tea for me.  Too much for others.  Or the others perhaps like to comment on the volume of tea I have.  Regardless, I like tea, and I drink a lot of it and I have a dedicated portion of my work space with large bags of loose-leaf tea. […]

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We done found some gators

Turns out I now live near where wild alligators live.  So Tara decided that it would be awesome to go take a look-see!  What we discovered was that the shore of the lake where the gators live is also a great spot for people to hang out with their tiny children and small dogs.  We […]

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Molecule Wrangling

The job is keeping me busy.  I’m thankful that they seem to truly value a good balance between work and life.  I get to do things here that I haven’t done anywhere else before.  I get to work with reactors, tons of different chemicals I’ve never heard of before, and I get to start new […]

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The New Job in The New Place

I’ve told folks on my social media, but I realized I haven’t posted here for a bit. All of what follows is because of Tara. She’s been a rock for me when things were bad, and she stuck with me. And things kept getting better. She is very insistent that I understand my self-worth and […]

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Post Triathlon 

So, my butt hurts. Biking will do that. Yeah, I trained, but where I live now is pretty flat, and the biking portion for the event was quite hilly.  As I started, I didn’t think I could finish. I was struggling, and I had barely started pedaling. But Tara inspired me to keep going and […]

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I’ve been busy lately. Moving in to a new place with my sweetie, and we got a kitten: Zephyr!  I’m feeling very happy with my new home and new family with a new kitty.