I’ve heard from an endless number of people that they can’t wait for winter to end.  I don’t want to hear from the dumbasses out there who say that technically it’s spring now and that winter is over.  Shut up.  I’m not talking about the orientation of the Earth relative to the Sun.  I’m talking about how it’s still snowing up in this bitch.

I wonder how many of them remember what winter used to be like.  Many of the complainers are twice as old as me, and even I remember bitingly cold winters that lasted ’till May.  I remember snows that drifted so high, cows could walk on top of barns.  I remember winter days so cold that the Governor called off school for the whole state.  I went outside that day, packed in a snowmobile suit and every other winter thing I could find, and still I started shivering.  After a brief moment of thought in that nipple-shattering cold, I realized that I could be inside my freezer and be 100 degrees warmer.

Are we already becoming pussified?  Are we getting used to the new normal of warmer, shorter winters?  Is that how it’s actually going to be from now on?  Maybe it’s just that people like to complain about the weather no matter how mild it is?  I hope it’s that way.  If not, I have a solution for people who like to complain all the time about the cold.  Move away.  I hear California is a wonderland of wonderful weather.

Jeez, I sound like a curmudgeon.

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