Starting is the hardest part

Yesterday I had a day off.  I decided to use it to write.  And like my typical self, I always found something else to distract me from writing.  Laundry, grocery shopping, just one more YouTube video.  I really wasted a lot of time.  I did eventually get going on the writing, and did you know what?  I just kept going and going.

I actually enjoy writing, but there’s a self-destructive part of my brain that makes me do anything but the one thing that I’ve determined I would do.  It works the same way with me and exercise.  I avoid and avoid and make excuses until I just go and do it.  And when I’m exercising, I love it! I feel great during and after.

I hate to make broad generalizations, but I bet there are a few of you out there that are exactly the same way.  There’s a troll in my brain that works directly against my best interests.  It takes an effort to block out that troll and just start.  Just begin, and the rest is cake.  I know I want to do this, so I have to actively decide to break the psychological hold I have over myself.

When it comes time to do that thing you want to do, give your self control a little energy boost to get over that first hump.  Let’s all start now.

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