Everyone has one of those periods of time where they just get exhausted.  This is one of those times for me, and especially for Dr. TFred.  I typically spend my Tuesday and Wednesday nights playing games on Google+ hangouts with my very good friends, and those hangout sessions are a time for me to get some regular personal socialization in.  They last until the wee hours of the morning, usually 1-2AM.  My work is scheduled such that I have enough time to sleep in so I don’t suffer for staying up so late.

So when Dr. TFred woke me up at 5AM yesterday, it was not in my plan.  Her vehicle wasn’t starting, and I had to drive her to the hospital.  As the magnificent husband I am, I did just that.  I came home and tried to diagnose what was wrong with her vehicle.  As the possessor of zero auto mechanic skills, I failed to do that.  So now it’s time to tow the car into the shop and hope for the best.  I just finished driving her to work again this morning, and I’m beat.

That’s why there’s not much to this post right now.  Fortunately, I had the foresight to take off a few days in a row.  After I’m done with work today, I can stay up as long as I need, I can sleep in or nap as much as I need.  Dr. TFred doesn’t get that luxury.  She only gets Saturday and Sunday off.  It’s good for her, since her last time off was the first weekend of the month.  It’s been a marathon for her ever since.  She’s capable of pulling it off, and I don’t think I would be able to.  That’s why she’s a doctor, and I’m not.  Mega props to her.

I hope the vehicle gets fixed cheaply and quickly.  I hope the weekend is restful and an escape from doctoring for her.

But I’ve got nothing more to contribute to this post.  I hope to soon announce good news that’s been brewing for a while, but it’s still to early to say online.

Be safe, get some rest, and tell someone you love them.

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