Quick Freddy’s Fan Fiction update


I finally got last week’s episode of Freddy’s Fan Fiction edited for podcast format.  I was a bit intimidated by the number of guests I had to futz with as well as the technical difficulties, so I just procrastinated on it.  That’s not what I should be doing.  So here it is.  Remember to read along with us as you listen to it.  Also, as a reminder, it’s really easy to get it on your pod-thingy by subscribing to my show on iTunes.   Or you can watch the video version on my YouTube channel.

In other news, apparently my previous post was my 100th post here on WordPress.  Yaaay.

Nobody sent me a cake.


One Comment Add yours

  1. SCHayworth says:

    Oh, for heaven’s cake, do you think you need a reward for everything?

    Also, I’ll make sure to have a cake ready when you get out here in October.


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