Bow Down to a Baby

The British royal family has made a baby, which apparently is big news.  And, admittedly, it is.  Whether you agree with it or not, the baby that was just born is destined to be King.

I have an opinion about royalty and monarchy, in case you were curious.  It’s a very American point of view.  And it’s this: What imbues a person with the privilege of ruling over people?  You could argue that the British royal family is basically irrelevant when it comes to governance, but Britain is not the only place with royalty.  There are nations that are actually ruled by royalty, and so this isn’t a moot point.

Back to the point.  So what does this person do to be handed the responsibility to rule?  Here’s what it is: they were born.  There’s this ridiculous idea burned into the psyche of willing royal subjects that royalty has some sort of magic in their blood that makes them better than any other person.  This new baby is born, and this new baby is essentially guaranteed that an entire nation will send them money to, you know, be royal.  They are a well-dressed welfare family on exhibit to the whole world, and they’re expected to behave.  But they get food and shelter in exchange for the media following them everywhere.  How bizarre is that?

I’ve decided that my blood is just as magical as the royal family.  I declare myself King, too.

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