Movie Review – Elysium

I will spoil this movie in this review. Don’t worry, though. There’s not much to spoil. I have to admit, I was a huge fan of Neill Blomkamp’s District 9.  It takes a helluva story to make someone feel compassion for shrimp.  It was dirty and mean, and most importantly, realistic.  When I watched it, there weren’t […]

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No Children

I’m going to be honest, this blog post seems a bit ridiculous to me for a couple of reasons.  One – I’m writing a post about an article online that’s talking about an article in Time magazine.  So that’s pretty silly.  Two – It’s about something that I have gotten flak about in person.  It’s about a […]

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The Objectification of Women – It Goes Much Further Than Sexy Pictures

Originally posted on Crates and Ribbons:
When feminists decry the objectification of women, most people immediately think of the images that saturate our magazines, movies, adverts and the Internet, of women in varying stages of undress, dolled up and presented for the male gaze. Yet, while sexual objectification is a huge problem, it is, sadly,…

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Not much to say

Hey dudes and dudettes. Ever had depression? It kinda sucks.  I’ve been susceptible to it for quite a while.  I needed medication when I first got it, and it took a lot for me to be able to keep it under control.  Recently it’s showed its ugly head to me again, and I’ve been having […]

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Bow Down to a Baby

The British royal family has made a baby, which apparently is big news.  And, admittedly, it is.  Whether you agree with it or not, the baby that was just born is destined to be King. I have an opinion about royalty and monarchy, in case you were curious.  It’s a very American point of view. […]

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Heat Stroke

It’s hot out here (and I’m sure it’s pretty hot where you are too, if you live in the US).  I’ve been bad and didn’t run for a few weeks.  I realized that I needed to get a few runs under my belt before I ran in this weekend’s Color Run here in Des Moines. […]

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