Not much to say

Hey dudes and dudettes.

Ever had depression?

It kinda sucks.  I’ve been susceptible to it for quite a while.  I needed medication when I first got it, and it took a lot for me to be able to keep it under control.  Recently it’s showed its ugly head to me again, and I’ve been having a difficult time for the past few days.  It might have shown a bit in my recent “meh” blog posts.  Also, my wife has been having a difficult time, because it doesn’t just affect me.  She has to deal with me and not knowing what to do or how to fix it or even wondering if its her fault (it isn’t).

It’s different for everyone, I’ve noticed, and I know I don’t have it really bad, because I eventually can work my way out of it without medication.  It takes time and will and tears, but I’ll be back to my normal self.  I don’t mind it so much, especially when I think of an analogy that I made up (or heard off-hand and have subsequently taken credit for it) a few years ago.  Life is like a big dinner.  Being happy is like having a lot of food on your plate.  Being sad is like, well, not eating.  A long period of sadness can starve you, but when you become happy again, it’s all the more sweet, because hunger is the best spice.  I really look forward to being happy.  I know it will happen, and I will relish it.  With relish.  And mustard.

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