The New Job in The New Place

I’ve told folks on my social media, but I realized I haven’t posted here for a bit. All of what follows is because of Tara. She’s been a rock for me when things were bad, and she stuck with me. And things kept getting better. She is very insistent that I understand my self-worth and I think she’s been more or less successful. I love her. 

But the post title mentioned a new job and a new place. This is the same place where I got my kitty, Zephyr, a few posts ago. I’m living in the Texas Gulf Coast, and I just got a new job at a specialty chemical manufacturer. It’s the biggest job I’ve ever had, and it sounds life I’ll be having a crapload of fun. 

Included in all this new stuff is the fact that my new family includes a kiddo that just turned three. That was never an option in my previous life, so I never even gave it a thought. But now I have a little girl looking up to me. It’s fantastic and frustrating and I’m learning so much about myself. I’m becoming a better man because of her. I can’t imagine life without her now.  

Anyway, that’s an update. Who knows if I’ll have time to write with my new job, but I’ll keep y’all in mind! 

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