Molecule Wrangling

The job is keeping me busy.  I’m thankful that they seem to truly value a good balance between work and life.  I get to do things here that I haven’t done anywhere else before.  I get to work with reactors, tons of different chemicals I’ve never heard of before, and I get to start new things that haven’t even been done here before.  It’s exciting, and every day is a different challenge.

My boss has a French accent (which would be alarming if he weren’t from France), one of my coworkers is a fellow Vikings fan from Minnesota (she wasn’t sure if there would ever be anyone else like her here, but we get our ‘Fargo’ accents on), and the facility is so small that I can walk across it in a minute.

Perhaps I’ll tell you later about the operator here who is the youngest of 21 siblings (and who has over a hundred nieces and nephews), or the new sales guy who left his job at a munitions factory to work here.  Or I could tell you about the chemical we work with that’s so dangerous that you would suffocate if it touched your skin, and if you survived that, it will put your future children at risk for mutations.

Okay, enough from me.  Time to head back to the ranch!

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