We done found some gators

Turns out I now live near where wild alligators live.  So Tara decided that it would be awesome to go take a look-see!  What we discovered was that the shore of the lake where the gators live is also a great spot for people to hang out with their tiny children and small dogs.  We even helped a lady capture a viciously stupid Chihuahua that was running toward the lake with its lead dragging behind it.

We saw a buck, and probably a bobcat, and finally, we saw a gator, as you can see in the pictures.  There are more, better pictures at Tara’s instagram page.

Also, there was a blood drive at the state park.  Tara was pretty excited about finally being able to give blood, but they weighed her, and she wasn’t hefty enough for their comfort.  It wasn’t my fault, though.  She wanted donuts that morning, and didn’t ask me to get enough of them for her.

I, on the other hand, didn’t have that problem.  We were the very last ones to show up to give blood.  I got a t-shirt, and they unloaded the rest of their cookie stash on us.  Box full Famous Amos and Oreos!

And then I finally had my first Texas BBQ on the drive back home.  I have to say, they are some pretty strong competition with Memphis BBQ.  Combine that with local beer, and it was probably the best BBQ experience I can remember having.  It was a good day.

Come to Texas! It’s nothing like I thought it would be!

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