“I come in peace…

“I come in peace,” it said, adding after a long moment of further grinding, “take me to your Lizard.” Ford Prefect, of course, had an explanation for this, as he sat with Arthur and watched the nonstop frenetic news reports on television, none of which had anything to say other than to record that the […]

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Not much to say

Hey dudes and dudettes. Ever had depression? It kinda sucks.  I’ve been susceptible to it for quite a while.  I needed medication when I first got it, and it took a lot for me to be able to keep it under control.  Recently it’s showed its ugly head to me again, and I’ve been having […]

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Bow Down to a Baby

The British royal family has made a baby, which apparently is big news.  And, admittedly, it is.  Whether you agree with it or not, the baby that was just born is destined to be King. I have an opinion about royalty and monarchy, in case you were curious.  It’s a very American point of view. […]

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The Big Idea: Chris Kluwe

I like to read Scalzi’s blog, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that former Minnesota Vikings punter (and author and human rights activist) Chris Kluwe got time on The Big Idea. I like the idea that people can have so many different facets to themselves. Kluwe isn’t just a football player. He’s a thoughtful, […]

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Support Great Art – Iron Empires: Void

There’s nothing like learning a brand new chapter in a long-running story is coming out.  That’s what’s happening with the Iron Empires franchise.  I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Iron Empires by my friends Kristin and Shaun, so I read Faith Conquers and Sheva’s War.  What amazing storytelling! And now the third book, Void, is being […]

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