REVIEW – Southern Gods

Light spoilers in this review.  Deal with it. The Lovecraft Mythos has ground itself deeply into our modern fairy tales and horror stories.  Sometimes it’s subtle and not directly mentioned.  But some modern stories have Lovecraft as the centerpiece.  Southern Gods by John Hornor Jacobs does the latter.  The story takes place in the early […]

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Significance of the Fourth

The Fourth Amendment, that is.  It’s the amendement in the US Constitution (it’s been there since the very beginning) that guarantees a citizen’s right to privacy and unreasonable searches.  The US Government has been unlawfully spying on all of its citizens.  We need to make the government aware that this is not acceptable. There are […]

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Meh of Steel

About a week and a half ago, I watched Man of Steel with some friends.  I went into it thinking that a Superman movie would be difficult to pull off, or at least impress me.  Never been a huge fan of Superman, since we’re talking about a nearly immortal god-like being.  What kind of conflict would […]

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The terrorists have won

We live in a time where we are deeply indebting ourselves spending by trillions of dollars on a decade-long war (against the wrong enemy), spying on literally everyone in our country, and making any kind of air travel a living hell. In other words, the terrorists won.  They made us strangle ourselves. Read this Wall […]

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Respecting each other

It’s disappointing that even today we can’t expect one person to respect another person.  It’s far too common to see insults or threats based on race, gender identity, religion, and even political persuasion.  People demean others because of whatever stupid reason.  There is never a good reason, and it’s always (in part) because of lack […]

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How to change things

Yesterday, the internet was just buzzing about things that have been happening for years.  Namely, it was the revelation that Verizon has been ordered by the US government to give the NSA all information about every phone call ever made for three months (like who was calling whom, how long the call lasted, where the calls were coming […]

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New Things

[Note: This post is inspired by MsKristina85 and a comment she made on my last post.  Thanks!] I love to try new things.  There are so many experiences out there that might seem weird or dangerous or even disgusting. I’ve gone skydiving. I’ve dressed up as the strange buffalo-headed god from Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. And […]

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The place I work, which will remain nameless until I finally leave it, is a gas station that serves hot food.  This hot food has to be ready for any customer whenever they want it.  The majority of this food is pizza slices, and they can only be left in the food warmer for 90 […]

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Desperately Seeking

I’ve been working into the late evening shift, getting done at about 11:30 PM.  I’m usually by myself at the gas station during the last hour or two.  I like to spend those hours doing the end of shift paperwork and just winding down from the torrents of customers coming in seeking sugar, fat, alcohol, […]

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