New Things

[Note: This post is inspired by MsKristina85 and a comment she made on my last post.  Thanks!]

I love to try new things.  There are so many experiences out there that might seem weird or dangerous or even disgusting.

I’ve gone skydiving.


I’ve dressed up as the strange buffalo-headed god from Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

buffalo dude

And I’ve even spent quality time introducing hay bales to a makeshift flame thrower.


But up until recently (like about a week ago), I always thought that I’d hate the taste of V8.  Yes, the vegetable juice drink.  I think I tried it once when I was pretty young, and I just didn’t like it then.  So the whole time I imagined that it was some horrible dreck that overly healthy people choked down and then went about their day dreaming about donuts.

Some folks had been coming in to the gas station after exercising and buying a small bottle of Spicy Hot V8.  That piqued my interest.  I like spicy food, and I asked them if it even tasted good.  They seemed somewhat offended.  Why would anyone buy something that didn’t taste good?  They confirmed to me that it was, in fact, yummy.

So I took the plunge.  Later in the shift I bought a bottle of it.  I opened it and took a sip.  HOLY CRAP.  It’s really good!  Why had I thought that V8 was disgusting this whole time?  It was because of a childhood bias against it.  My tastes had changed.

It’s good to step back and analyze yourself sometimes.  Maybe some of your beliefs are unfounded.  Maybe you’ve trained your mind against (or for) something for so long that you’ve forgotten why you think that way.  If you periodically take account of your own thoughts, you’ll refine the definition of You.  You’ll make yourself more in tune with how you really want to be.

So go ahead and try something new today, even if you think you might not like it.