Oh Crap This Is Still Here

That’s right, I still have a blog. No, no, I didn’t just forget that I had a blog.  I’m just really really bad at keeping some kind of writing schedule for it.  No excuse, just an explanation. Do I have any thoughts of a political nature?  Not recently.  It’s the same old shit, isn’t it? […]

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Final Beer Update

I showed you a couple of days ago that I had kegged the beer that I brewed about a month and a half ago.  Now, the beer should be fully carbonated and ready for drinking.  I ventured into the basement with a clean glass, hoping that it all turned out okay.  Brewing is not a […]

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I know, I know.  Saturdays are supposed to be for my artistic writing endeavors.  I’ve decided to expand it to any kind of artistic endeavor at all.  That includes making beer.  About a month and a half ago, I had a post about brewing a beer.  Well, it’s been a while, and the fermenting has […]