Thousand Year Old Vampire (Part II)

Your body manifests some trait related to the vampire that created you. How do you become more like them?

Create a Skill that reflects this.

2nd Prompt for Isabeau

Interesting. Still dealing with Maeve, then. Also feels like there wasn’t really a significant progression of time since the first prompt, so we’ll stick around the 1436 timeframe. We decide that in her many, many years as a vengeful druid priestess, she’s got a sizable group of people to travel the lands with her. Her court. This court was created by her, and they all manifest a trait from her, which we’re calling Inconspicuous.

This experience was added to Memory #5.

Maeve took me under her guidance, and I learned to walk within the shadows with her and her court.

Experience from Isabeau’s 2nd Prompt

Some might say that Isabeau has fallen into the wrong crowd. But those people need to remember that she’s a fricken vampire now and “wrong crowd” is a relative term. They’re all together to survive.

Okay, she’s a member of a court of Immortals. What comes next? Time to roll, of course. The d10 rolls a 4 and the d6 rolls a 1. Move three prompt pages forward and we get:

The stars pinwheel above you in the night. The seasons are a blur. You are as an automaton, unconscious of the passage of decades.

A century passes.

Strike out a Memory.

Strike out all mortal Characters.

3rd Prompt for Isabeau



The seasons blur, we move, sticking to the places that honor the old ways, but I find myself being pulled back, out of the twilight, drawn back to different, more hopeful ways of thinking – Da Vinci’s manifest genius shines through the reverie, and I recall the kindness and beauty that Rene showed to me, inspiring me to see what has become of the world today.

Experience from Isabeau’s 3rd Prompt

We added this experience to Memory #5, filling it to the max allowed number of experiences for one memory. And we have to forget a memory as well. There are five memories total right now, and we ultimately chose to forget Memory #3.

Memory #3, Forgotten: The gang stalks near my painter friend Rene’s studio, and I see they plan on taking what little he has, and as they open the door, I tell them that Rene is a friend of mine and that he should not be targeted – sometime later Rene hands me a small painting he did of me, and it’s one of my most treasured items.

Isabeau still has the small painting. But she doesn’t remember where it came from.

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