Thousand Year Old Vampire (Part II)

Okay. Okay. We got this. Yes, it’s nearly the end of the Renaissance, but if we don’t zip too far ahead in time for the next prompt, we can still salvage what remains of our original desire for this game.

Time to roll. Our d10 comes up 8, and our d6 comes up 1 yet again. Gotta check if my dice are loaded. Moving forward 7 pages in the prompts.

You commit a despicable murder, but not for the sake of feeding. Why? Check a Skill. Remove a mortal Character, if you like.

4th Prompt for Isabeau

Oof. Okay. We can work with this. It’s 1537 now… Who is the big Renaissance name out there? Time for some Google-Fu research time.

Oh, guess what! GUESS WHO LIVES IN 1537! MICHEL-FUCKING-ANGELO! Let’s be his best pal! We can do that because we can and we want to and nobody can tell us no. Let’s make a brand new memory now that we have room in our skull from forgetting Memory #3. Memory #6 will begin with this experience:

My inspirational acquaintance, Michalangelo, was smitten by his close friend and poet, Vittoria Colonna – he asked if I could use my otherworldly gifts (from God, he assumed) to safeguard her, after hearing of a plot against her because of her help of the reformist monk, Brother Ochino, so I hid in the shadows of the town of Ferrara and found the papal assassin sneaking around.  I quickly reduced him to gristle and saved her.  

Experience from 4th prompt

That’s right. If we can’t have Da Vinci, we’re gonna get all Da Vinci Code up in here. Papal Assassins. Close personal friend of Michelangelo. (in fact, we add him to our character sheet as a Character) Vicious murder. Yes. This is what we want.

What can we do now!? Let’s roll them dice! The d10 comes up 1 and the d6 comes up… 1. Again. We don’t move forward. So since we’re staying on the same page as the previous prompt, now’s the time to tell you that each page has three prompts. If you stay on a page or go back to a previous page, you move to the next prompt. And for us, that’s:

You are hounded for your crime. Check a Skill, lose a Resource.

Confess your crime to any Character. Convert an enemy to a friend or a friend to an enemy. If you must create a Character, you become lovers.

5th Prompt for Isabeau

Goodness! No better time to confess the murder to Michelangelo himself. Also, you know, Isabeau spent some time with the woman he was smitten with, Vittoria Colonna. This next experience will be added right on to our newly-created Memory #6.

As we were hounded by the pope’s agents, it took little persuasion to bring the widow Colonna back to the safety of the walls of the convent of San Silvestro.  She was terrified as we escaped in the night, and as we took cover at dawn in a farm building, she asked how I was even able to get past the city guard with her.  My eyes shone with stars in the dawn light, and it enraptured her, and we lay down and sinned together.  When I reported back to Michelangelo, I told him everything that had happened, and in a fit of rage, he cracked off a piece of Jesus on a scuplture he had been working on (The Deposition) and never worked on it again.

Experience for Isabeau’s 5th prompt

Okay, they were scared and they snuggled together. Also she’s an immortal being with stars for eyes. What did you expect, dude!? And did you have to take it out on the sculpture? I swear one of those Marys looks just like Isabeau…

The Deposition

Alright, so Michelangelo isn’t too happy with Isabeau, but I’m sure it will turn out just fine.

And this is where we leave Isabeau’s adventure for now! Stay tuned for the next part!

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