How should a manager behave?

I’m in a position at work where you could safely describe me as a peon.  There is nobody below me on the ladder.  When anyone in the company shits, it usually falls on me. So I’ve been a bit torn by how the manager of my store talks to me.  If he has a problem […]

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The Hardest Lesson

Early last week, while I was doing my damndest at work while fighting off whatever horrible disease I’d carried home from traveling, another employee walked off the job.  He was in the middle of doing something outside of the store and just left.  He was AWOL for the rest of the week.  Nobody heard from […]

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The Mistake Store

I work at the Mistake Store. Want to buy candy?  Want to buy sugary sodas?  How about chips or pizza or hot dogs?  We’ve got that.  Cheeseburgers fresh out of the microwave!  It doesn’t even cross your mind, but you’re now one step closer to heart disease and / or diabeetus. Do you want to […]

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A little bit of everything

I know that I promised to write up a review of Stephen Blackmoore’s new book Dead Things, but I still need a little more time to think and edit the post so it looks all profound and stuff. Instead, I’ll tell you what I made last night.  Well, that’s not entirely accurate.  This is something I […]

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Casualty of Job

The following post is just to catch you all up on my story, so you’re not left wondering what the hell I’m talking about in my future posts. My previous job, as an engineer in a corn ethanol facility, was filled with danger.  There’s the inherent dangers of any industrial environment, like big heavy things […]

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Motivated to Write

I’m motivated to get to writing my story. I’ve got a few ideas brewing in my head, but the motivation only seems to happen when I’m at my day job. How do I go about keeping that motivation after work is finished? Sometimes I’m exhausted, sometimes I have to go to the gym, but there’s […]

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In my continuing rotation around the different departments at work, I spent my first day at the Elevator department.  It’s not disclosing company secrets to say that the corn silos are really really tall.  The superintendent was impressed that I was not freaking out about being up so high, while only having some see-through pieces […]

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