I’m on the way to Houston to see my sweetie, waiting at my gate, and it’s strange to think how normal it felt to shuffle through the security theater.  Everyone goes through the motions. Do […]


I’ve had some time to reflect on things.  The need for kindness, especially. Kindness is something that I value, and it’s something that I especially want to practice personally.  Sometimes I succeed, and there are […]


The End.  No more.  The other shoe dropped.  Over and Done. Just before this past weekend, my divorce was signed by all interested parties and a judge okayed it, so I’m officially no longer married. […]

Still here

So, I’m not writing about a lot online at the moment.  Still in the midst of divorce stuff, and I think it’s best to just keep pretty much everything to myself while it’s still going […]

That time where I almost accidentally put a spider in my anus

Boys and Girls, sit back and throw another log on the fire while Grandpa Freddy tells you a story.  Let’s see, did I already tell you the one about the electrical conduit that bled oil?

I did?  Well how about the time I ate a whole Taco Bell taco, and somehow didn’t regret it.  Did I tell you that one?

Well gosh, kids, you’re making it a bit tough.  I think I gotta dig deep for this one.  Oh yeah! You haven’t heard this one yet, because it happened just last night.  Right over there. 

*points shaky hand toward the bathroom*

I almost accidentally put a spider in my anus.  And it was this big!